about the war in Iraq

Be Informed

Learn about why a total and immediate end of the occupation in Iraq is necessary.


Sign and gather signatures on the SPC Petition urging our lawmakers to stop funding the war (

Take Action

The ongoing US occupation of Iraq has many costs to the residents of Onondaga County. By funding the war and occupation, we are contributing to the deaths and injuries of thousands of US soldiers, the suffering of their families and the death and suffering of countless Iraqi civilians. Our community is further affected by the loss of hundreds of millions of dollars that finance the war instead of desperately needed services.

Please join us in working to: end the occupation and air war in Iraq; bring the troops home; guarantee the reconstruction of Iraq, funded by the US but accomplished by Iraqis.

Voice your feelings by joining the weekly SPC Peace Outreach, come out to local demonstrations, attend planning meetings of SPC's Local Cost of the War Committee, train for civil disobedience, recruit friends to join you in an action group.


Write letters to the Editor of your local newspaper, talk with neighbors, friends and community members, host an Iraq film screening or speaker at home or work.

Contact Congress

Sen. Chuck Schumer (315) 423-5471 or (202) 224-6542
Sen. Hillary Clinton (315) 448-0470 or (202) 224-4451
Rep. James Walsh (315) 423-5657 or (202) 225-3701

"If an action will inevitably kill innocent people, it is as immoral as a deliberate attack on civilians."

-Howard Zinn

A Power Governments Cannot Suppress
City Lights Books, 2007





Karen, founder of the Community Choir, is a mother, counselor, and activist, and believes that everyone can sing, no exceptions!