Human Costs of War
Since March of 2003 more than 5000 civilians killed by US soldiers have been buried in Fallujah cemeteries. Oakwood Cemetery averages 500 burials per year. It would take 10 years to bury 5000 people there.

Local Iraqi police estimate that at least five attacks are being carried out against US troops each day. US soliders have been reacting wildly to attacks on them. This has meant punishment for the people.
A 10 year-old boy points a plastic gun at passing US armored patrols and shouts "bang, bang". The soldiers follow him home, beat him and his uncle and smash their belongings.
Several areas in Fallujah went without electricity for two weeks after US soldiers attacked a power station as retribution for a sniper attack.
Overstretched US soldiers appear to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and taking Ambien to sleep, along with Seroquel and Qanapin among other psychotropic drugs.
New Pentagon guidelines allow the re-deployment of soldiers suffering from PSTD.
UPI reports…1 of every 10 American soldiers…evacuated to the army's biggest hospital in Europe were there for mental problems. Nearly 1000 of them were from Iraq and had "psychiatric or behavioral health issues" according to Col. Rhonda Cornum.

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