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This information is a follow-up to We Came Upon Bolivar in the March 2007 PNL, by Nancy Gwin and Doug Igelsrud. If you don’t have access to the internet, and are interested in looking at these sources, please contact SPC.

Ongoing News and Analysis from Venezuela

Venezuela Information Office

The Bolivarian Constitution in English

ZNet: Venezuela Watch

Embassy of Venezuela to the United States

Prensa Latina

US FOIA Documents about the 2002
Coup Attempt

CITGO Petroleum Corporation – Includes a station finder

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Crossing the Line
by Christina Busch-Nema


Crossing the line
I crawled through a hole in the fence
And found, to my surprise
The land on the other side the same
Yet they arrested me
Saying I had trespassed
But I only came to say a prayer, was my response
You are delusional, he said
Your talk of God and Oneness
There is no God, no oneness, no connection.
You broke the law. That's all!
And so we cross lines everyday
From the angry words that go too far
To the passionate prayer spoken to a God we cannot see
Some lines are drawn to keep us out,
Some lines are drawn to keep us in.
Some are daring us to make a difference
And then with knee-shaking, heart-thumping courage
Sometimes with no courage at all
We dare to cross those lines
To make a change, to be the difference
Knowing we must pay the price.
May we have the wisdom to discern the lines that need to be crossed,
when and where, and the lines that need to be respected.


Christina is a fellow School of the Americas Watch defendant. See "Crossing the Line" for Peace.


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