January 2008-Word spreads through the Syracuse community that after many months of saber-rattling the Bush administration has launched an air assault on Iran. At the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice, staff of the Syracuse Peace Council, American Friends Service Committee and Peace Action quickly agree to meet over lunch to begin planning. Two evenings later 60 people gather in the second floor meeting space to organize a multi-pronged community response to the war.

While we certainly hope the US doesn't attack Iran, the scenario described above is one of the reasons why the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice is being established. With a tentative closing date in early May, The Center is well on its way to becoming a hub for peace and justice activists in our community. Over the past month The Center's Board has expanded and decided to drop the name "Alliance for Peace and Social Justice" in favor of The Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice. An architect is working on renovation plans, research into green building initiatives is moving forward and the inspections have been completed.

While much work remains, including more fundraising, the Board and other supporters are gratified by the steady progress and overwhelmingly positive response to the project. Learn more at www.syracusecenter.org or call 478-4571.

-Karen Hall