Call Your Councilors Today for Fairness and Clean Water

The struggle for fairness and clean water approaches another critical point. On Monday, June 4 the Common Council plans to vote on a county-city agreement, a.k.a. the Deal. The Deal allows the county to build three more sewage plants in Syracuse, like the one at Midland, for a mere $6 million more in mitigation money.

If the councilors approve the Deal, the city must drop its lawsuit challenging the federal court decision allowing the county to condemn city land for county sewage projects. This lower court ruling flies in the face of the county's state charter that denies the county the power to condemn city land.

This unfair Deal was drawn up in a back room between two politicians - the mayor and the county executive. Fairness would mean negotiations with the stakeholders regarding the sewage technology and the mitigation.

Call your councilors before June 4. Ask them to table the Deal and its associated land items until a fair agreement is negotiated. If they won't do this, then tell them to VOTE NO! Join the Partnership for Onondaga Creek and pack the Common Council chambers on June 4 at 1 pm.

For Councilor phone numbers and information on the Deal, see: or call Aggie Lane at 478-4571.
-Aggie Lane