Pulaski Village connects with "Global" Village

By Monique Frey and Jill Truax

Pulaski High School's newly formed Global Awareness Club is made up of a diverse group of students committed to creating an awareness of current global issues. Members of the club strive to cultivate political awareness, educate for social justice and bring about a more peaceful world for future generations.

As advisors to the Global Awareness Club, we led our members to focus their attention on two war-torn countries in Africa - Sudan and Uganda. The club met weekly to discuss current events, plan upcoming fundraisers and voice their opinions and ideas on how to spread awareness of these two countries. Some of the other activities group members participated in are a book club focusing on literature related to Sudan and Uganda, providing the student body with screenings of films related to world issues and taking field trips to local places of interest to increase their knowledge of relevant topics.

Two major achievements of the group are the Make Some Noise festival that it hosted at the end of the school year and the Schools for Schools program organized by the Invisible Children organization. In preparation for the Make Some Noise festival, members of the Global Awareness Club encouraged all of the schools in the Syracuse area to participate in the day's kickball tournament, art festival, and concert provided by local bands. The Schools for Schools program was a fundraising competition that Pulaski High had been hand-selected to participate in with the ultimate goal of rebuilding the Sir Samuel Baker Secondary School in Northern Uganda. Program incentives included interaction with students and faculty from our sister school, and a chance for club members to win an all expense paid trip to Africa to help rebuild the school with the money raised. Pulaski High exceeded its goal and raised over $12,000, ranking it 22nd out of 585 schools who participated in this program.

For more information on the Global Awareness Club, see "Clubs" at www.pacs.cnyric.org. You can also find out more about Pulaski's involvement in the Schools for Schools program by visiting http://s4s.invisiblechildren.com/school/pulaski-senior-high-school! As Gandhi once said, "You must be the change you wish to see in the world." One way to put this quote into action is by supporting the cause, so please support our activities as they come up.

Monique Frey and Jill Truax are English teachers at Pulaski High School.