Shut off from the outside world
Cards & letters showering, caring
Centering our deep conviction
Of love for all humanity.

Voices in crescendo rising
In the small of the night
The clank of keys, footsteps heavy
Blinding spotlight, focused, flashing
Anguished incessant cries calling
In 809 we two stand firm, one young, one old
Witnessing within these walls
Our story will in time be told
Three score years and ten
It's 6 am in the pen.

Three Score Years and Ten

Three score years and ten
Holed up in a prison pen
Under surveillance - a threat to whom?
Our prison witness about to bloom?
Tomorrow we fast, taking fluids meanwhile
Gathering strength across the Nation
For termination we will not wait
A source we believe of insurrection
Inside our denying, degrading the Constitution

© Julienne Oldfield. April 2007 Julienne celebrated three score and ten while in prison for "crossing the line" to protest the School of the Americas.