The Center is a Reality!

By the time you read this update, we expect that the Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice will have become a physical reality.

Plans have continued for making 2013 East Genesee St. accessible by all. We anticipate finalizing plans for wheelchair accessibility in the coming weeks. Accessibility and the greening of the building are priorities for our renovation process, as is the comfort of all those who will soon be making the center their organizing home. We will restore windows in the basement that were previously covered over in order to bring natural light to the large office there and make additional upgrades to create a nice space for the Westcott Community Center's Art and Education Project.

Other planning has also been in high gear. We have written the leases the center will use with tenants. Paul Collier has been hired as a part-time building manager to provide quality care to the facility and those in it. Paul is a retired letter carrier for the US Postal Service and a volunteer emergency medical technician. He is active in the Catholic Worker movement and his social justice work has focused on the homeless and the disabled.

There is still much to be done, but the time for celebrating approaches. Keep reading the updates so that when the date is set for our Center Warming event, you are among the first to have it on your calendar.

-Karen Hall