Syracuse-Area Activist Contacts


Peace Council Projects
Bikes 4 Peace
696-5374 Anna Bennett,
Coordinates free summer workshops for youth to share bike-fixingskills and repair donated bikes.

Local Cost of the Iraq War Committee
437-7657 Rose Viviano
To educate and agitate around the US occupation of Iraq.

> Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON)
492-2684 Sue Eiholzer,
Promotes understanding of and respect for the Onondaga people, their history and culture; supports the Onondaga Nation’s Land Rights Action.

Peace Newsletter Editorial Committee
633-2496 Donna Muhs-McCarten,
Responsible for content and production of the monthly Peace Newsletter.

Plowshares Craftsfair Committee
445-2840 Rae Kramer
Meets year-round to organize December’s fabulous winter festival, December 1-2 this year.

SPC Monthly Educational Program
472-5478 SPC office,
Selects topics and speakers, and arranges for the event.

SPC Study Group
472-5478 Aly Wane,
Meets the second and fourth Mondays of the month to read and discuss books about US foreign policy and history.

Tabling Outreach and Education
472-5478 Aly Wane,
SPC has information tables at local and regional events.

Weekly Peace Outreach
478-4571 Ann Tiffany,
Stands at busy intersections throughout the Syracuse area with signs calling for peace.

SPC-involved Coalitions
CNY Bill of Rights Defense Campaign
471-2821 Barrie Gewanter,
Aims to restore civil liberties curtailed by the federal government since 9-11-01.

CNY Caribbean/Latin America Coalition (CLAC)
478-1592 Paul Weichselbaum,
Current goals: close the US Army’s School of the Americas; maintain sister community relationships in El Salvador and Colombia; and end the US blockade of Cuba. See “Other Community Organizations” for CLAC projects dealing with specific issues.

CNY Public Power Coalition
425-0430 Tim Judson,
Working to bring affordable, renewable energy and more fair and reliable service to all Central New Yorkers.

Greater Syracuse Progressive Coalition
472-5478 Andy Mager,
Brings together organizations and individuals committed to creating a more just, sustainable, inclusive and peaceful community. Current work focuses on ensuring voting integrity in Onondaga County.

Military Alternatives Education Project
472-5478 Jessica Maxwell,
Provides resources about draft registration and military recruitment; tables in local high schools; provides students with opt-out forms.

Syracuse Center for Peace
and Social Justice
Ann Tiffany,
The new home of the Syracuse Peace Council, American Friends Service Committee, Peace Action, Citizens Awareness Network and the Westcott Community Center’s Art and Education Project.

Other Community Organizations
AIDS Community Resources (ACR)
475-2430 Joanne Balestra,
Provides direct support services to people living with HIV/AIDS and their significant others,as well as a widevariety of prevention services.

Alliance Network
474-0922 Walt Dixie,
A multi-ethnic public issues advocacy group committed to improving the quality of life in the Central New York Community, politically, socio-economically, educationally, and spiritually.

Alliance for Quality Education
435-2480 Tanika Jones,

Alliance of Communities Transforming Syr.
475-7277 Andres Kwon,
A faith-based organization that enables members to fightforsocialjustice.

Alternatives to Violence Project
585-526-5202 Jill McClellan,
Three-day experiential workshops in prison and in the community.

American Friends Service Committee
475-4822 Chrissie Rizzo,
A practical expression of the faith of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers), committed to the principles of nonviolence and justice.

Amnesty International Local Group #710
Rosy George,
Campaigning for those who are suffering injustices through such activities as letter-writing, tabling, and human rights teach-ins.

Atlantic States Legal Foundation
475-1170 Sam Sage,
Enforces environmental laws, engages in public education, conducts research and promotes environmental justice for the economically disadvantaged and people of color.

Beyond Boundaries
478-4571 Aggie Lane,
Building lasting and just relationships across cultural and class boundaries.

446-5319 Lee Gechas,
A coalition of Syracuse park associations, community garden groups, and greenspace advocates.

CNY Chapter New York Civil Liberties Union
471-2821 Barrie Gewanter,

CNY Colombia Support Network & Cajibio Sister Community (affiliatedwithCLAC)
478-4571 Ann Tiffany,
To build solidarity between our two communities, to learn from each other in areas of organic agriculture, traditional medicine, and community organizing, and to help prevent acts of violence in Cajibio by putting an international spotlight on potential threats.

CNY Council on Occupational Safety & Health (CNYCOSH) 471-6187 Jack Quinlan, To prevent workplace injuries and illness by providing education, information, and advocacy.

CNY Labor Federation, AFL-CIO
422-3363 x12 Rick Oppedisano,

CNY Labor-Religion Coalition
431-4040 Tim Fay,
Mobilizing the religious, labor and wider community to become effective advocates for worker justice.


Center for Community Alternatives
422-5638 x227 Alan Rosenthal,
To develop effective alternatives to incarceration and to foster a more responsive juvenile and criminal justice system in order to help youth and adults live more productive, healthier and safer lives.

Citizen Action of New York
435-2480 Michelle Myers,
We fight for quality affordable healthcare for all, jobs that pay living wages with decent benefits,expanded Medicare coverage for seniors,strong investment in public education and after-school programs, campaign finance reform, an end to corporate tax loopholes and tax breaks for the wealthy, and consumer protections.

Citizen Review Board of Syracuse
448-8750 Felicia Davis
The Board is authorized to address citizen complaints of police misconduct through investigation, administrative hearings, conciliation and educational programs.

Citizens Awareness Network (CAN)
425-0430 Tim Judson,
A grassroots environmental organization working to end the use of unaffordable and dangerous nuclear power in the Northeast and replace it with sustainable, reliable and affordable energy generation.

Citizens Campaign for the Environment
472-1339 Sarah Eckel-Dalrymple,
Protecting the environment and working for a healthy community.

Community Animal Project
491-4699 Shawn DeLeo,
Exists to reduce the suffering of animals and to assist the community with making the lives of animals as safe as possible.

Dunbar Association
476-4269 Sharon Jack Williams
Provides comprehensive services to promote successful families, empower communities, and build racial harmony.

446-5319 Lee Gechas,
Get on the list to receive free emails detailing environmental events and activities happening in CNY.

Fair Housing Council of CNY
471-0420 Amy Emerson,
To promote equal housing opportunities through education, advocacy, investigation, and enforcement.

Food Not Bombs
218-5481 Zach Eichten,

Friends of Dorothy Catholic Worker
471-6853 Michael or Nick,
Provides hospitality for people with AIDS.

Gay, Straight and Questioning Youth Group
475-2430 Elizabethe Payne
Social support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, questioning youth, and their straight friends.

Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance
472-5119 Pastor Bryant L.Gerald, Sr.

InterFaith Works
449-3552 x102 Jim Wiggins,
Affirms the dignity of each person and every faith community and works to create relationships and understanding among us through education, service and dialogue.

Jail Ministry
424-1877 Melody Holmes,
Grassroots advocacy for the incarcerated including daily visitation, bail expedition, and communication with lawyers and family members.

Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation
637-4513 Sally Roesch Wagner,
Focused on educating people about the life and work of the feminist Matilda Joslyn Gage.

The Media Unit
478-UNIT Walt Shepperd,
Providing hands-on training in performance and production of teen entertainment with a social conscience. 60 stage performances each season and a weekly television program, Rough Times Live.

672-7085 Preston Fagan,
National Organization for Women, CNY
PO Box 1234, Syracuse, NY 13203
To bring women into full participation in American society.

National Organization for Women,
Greater Syracuse Chapter

682-5810 Amy Doherty,
To promote equality and women’s rights.

New Environment Association
446-8009 Harry Schwarzlander,
Working to create an environmentally sustainable future.

New York Public Interest Research Group
476-8381 Francis Clark,
A student-directed consumer, environmental and government reform organization established to effect policy reforms while training students and other New Yorkers to be advocates.

New York State Division of Human Rights
428-4633 Valerie Woods
Working to prevent discrimination.
No Bombs No Bosses 315 Distro
Distributes radical pamphlets and literature.

Northeast Community Center
472-6343 Tom Bazydlo,
Working with area residents to provide services and programs to address the changing needs and interests of the city’s
north/northeast neighborhoods.

Onondaga County/Syracuse
Commission on Human Rights

435-3567 Linda Hall,
To promote improved human relations, civic peace, intergroup understanding, and the full acceptance of all persons in all aspects of community life.

Onondaga Nation Communications Office

Partnership for Onondaga Creek
478-4571 Aggie Lane,
Concerned about and willing to take positive action to protect the health of the citizens and water resources within the Onondaga Creek watershed.

Pax Christi 476-0048 Dick Keough,
Community members committed to non-violence hold monthly meetings to pray, study and act for peace with justice.

Peace Action of CNY
478-7442 Cecilia Resti,
To work toward ending the nuclear weapons era and replacing militarism and social and economic injustice with systems of non-violent conflictresolution.

People Against the Death Penalty
476-9634 Bill Cuddy

People for Animal Rights
488-7877 Linda A. DeStefano,
Provides speakers, a newsletter, a TV program, demonstrations and vegan potluck meals to educate about the rights of animals and protection of the environment.

PFLAG Syracuse
635-9320 Barb Crawford,
Promotes the health and well-being of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons, their families and friends through support, education, advocacy.

People’s Environmental Network of NY
469-5347 Vicki Baker,
Dedicated to promoting and preserving a clean and healthy
environment for all by supporting existing organizations, facilitating interactions between them, and sharing common environmental and community health goals.

Planned Parenthood
475-5540 x223 Betty DeFazio,

422-6231 Nicolas Eyle,
Provides a forum for discussing alternatives to the war on drugs and educates the public about drugs and drug policies.

478-1923 Kim Dill,
Support, social, and educational programs for older lesbians, gay men, bisexuals and transgender persons in CNY.

Syracuse Alliance for a New Economy (SANE)
422-3363 x 11 Mark Spadafore,
To hold governments and corporations accountable for the creation of quality, family-supporting jobs, secure healthcare, affordable housing and a safe, clean and healthy environment.

SEIU 1199 Upstate
424-1743 x140 Al Davidoff,
To improve and expand quality patient care, to protect and improve the lives of our members and our families, and to work in solidarity with working people in our communities and around the world.

SOA Abolitionists (affiliated with CLAC)
446-2720 Mike Pasquale,
Aims to expose and close the US Army’s terrorist training camp, the School of the Americas.

Sierra Club
492-4745 Martha Loew,
To protect and enjoy our environment for ourselves and future generations.

Socialist Party
478-0793 Ron Ehrenreich,

Southwest Community Center
474-6823 Courtney Ramirez,
Working with individuals, families, and communities to promote health and well-being through prevention, intervention, and education.

Spanish Action League
475-6153 x208 Rita Paniagua,
To build on the rich cultural heritage of the Latino community by advancing its independence and growth through advocacy, counseling, and education.

Stonewall Committee
476-6226 Bonnie Strunk,
An organization that works for gay and lesbian rights.

Syracuse Alternative Media Network
852-6190 Tim Brachocki,
Produces and distributes documentaries and educational videos on social and political issues; provides production services to community groups and trains students in video production.

Syracuse Area Domestic Violence Coalition
425-0818 Loren Cunningham
or Elisa Morales,, A coalition whose mission is to end domestic and sexual violence.

Syracuse Community Choir
428-8724 Karen Mihayli,
Sings and performs songs that have themes of social justice.

Syracuse Coop Federal Credit Union
471-1116 x201 Ron Ehrenreich, A financialservicescooperative.

Syracuse Cultural Workers
474-1132 x 111 Dik Cool,
A national publisher and distributor of progressive products. “Tools for Change” store located at 400 Lodi Street in Syracuse.

Syracuse Greens
474-7055 Howie Hawkins,
Empowering citizens and communities, and working together to change the way our government operates – to change the quality of our everyday lives, to build a vision that brings new and lasting opportunities.

Syracuse-La Estancia Hermanamiento
(Sister Community affiliatedwithCLAC)

446-6099 Shirley Novak,
To educate Central New Yorkers on the realities of life in El Salvador; to provide financial support and solidarity to the hamlets of La Estanciaas they continue to rebuild after the devastation of the US-financedSalvadoran civil war and struggle against the effects of economic globalization and privatization.

Syracuse Real Food Coop
472-1385 Joanne Grisanti,
Community-owned natural foods store.

Syracuse United Neighbors
476-7475 Rich Puchalski,
Members fightforbetterhousing,crime-free streets, better city services and an end to bank redlining in the neighborhoods on the south, southwest and near west sides of the city.

SU/ESF Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC)
436-5105 Richard Vallejo,

SU Student Peace Action Network (SPAN)
Marshall Henry,

Westcott Community Center
478-8634 Steve Susman,
Building Community One Brick at a Time

Women Transcending Boundaries
446-1694 Betsy Wiggins or 687-3551 Danya Wellmon,
Bringing women of faith together after 9/11.

Witness for Peace
422-4689 Nancy Gwin,
Trying to change US policies and corporate practices that contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Women’s Information Center
475-4636 K-Lynn Ransom

Workers’ Rights Center
446-2380 or 474-4821 Pat Rector,