Teach-in on

Saturday, October 13, 7-9 pm
The Forum Theater in downtown Binghamton

The aim of the Teach-in is to educate the public and legislators on the value of impeachment and to discuss why this device, enshrined in the US Constitution, is so urgently needed in our present era of Congressional weakness and presidential arrogance. The Broome County Nuclear Weapons Reduction Campaign, the non-profit educational arm of Broome County Peace Action, is sponsoring this event. Attendance is free and open to the public.

Panelists are:
John Nichols – author of The Genius of Impeachment and frequent contributor to The Nation magazine, recently interviewed on the PBS Bill Moyers Journal
Elizabeth de la Vega – former federal prosecutor and nationally acclaimed author of The United States Versus George Bush et. al.
Tim Grippen – executive director of Opportunities for Broome, former Broome County Executive, and Viet Nam War Veteran.
For more information: George Haeseler, g.haeseler@verizon.net; (607) 729-1044. SPC will help organize carpooling from Syracuse, contact us to request or offer a ride, 472-5478.