Un Baile Latino:
Experience Salsa and Merengue

Enjoy cultural adventures? Love great rhythms? Well then, Un Baile Latino (a Latino dance) is for you!

On Saturday, March 8, 8–11 pm at the Boys and Girls Club on Syracuse’s Westside (201 Hamilton Street), Beyond Boundaries is throwing Un Baile Latino. Orquesta Antonetti, a popular Rochester-based salsa and merengue band, will play for us. Before the dance begins at 9 pm, Guzman’s Dance Studio will give a group salsa lesson (8–9 pm).

At intermission La Joven Guardia del Teatro Latino will perform traditional Caribbean dances. Dance teacher Terry Perrone and Beyond Boundaries’ Ana Fernandez will demonstrate formal bailes latinos. Free Caribbean refreshments will add sabores latinos (Latino tastes) to the sonidos latinos (Latino sounds). All this for only $10 per person.

The dance’s purpose and part of Beyond Boundaries’ mission are to bring Central New Yorkers together, Latino and non-Latino, via a memorable night of salsa and merengue.

Beyond Boundaries, founded in 1993, is a CNY grassroots group which rotates awareness projects focusing on the roots of African-Americans, Puerto Ricans and Native peoples. Each project culminates in an awareness-raising trip to the place where the culture originated. This year, we go to Puerto Rico. To learn more visit our website: www.beyondboundariescny.org or call Aggie at 478-4571.

-Aggie Lane, Beyond Boundaries Co-coordinator