The Center is busily preparing the second floor space for the Syracuse Peace Council’s February move to its new home. As I write, volunteers are busy painting the ceilings. That work will be followed by the new heating system and lights. Heavy rains during our January thaw alerted us to some previously unknown roof leaks. Fortunately, Eddie Doolittle and Gary Bonaparte braved the cold to make repairs before real damage occurred.

During the holiday a group of volunteers spruced up the ground floor common area and organized the renovation materials and tools. The ground floor common area is currently one of our accessible meeting areas as building manager Paul Collier has secured a portable ramp that can be readily put in place to help folks get up the steps at the back of the building. We’ve got a sturdy new rear door with a cool intercom system to improve access from the parking lot.

The launch of the second phase of our capital campaign fund, with a larger goal of $500,000, is imminent. Our new logo will grace our promotional materials for this fund drive and will soon be shown off on a permanent sign in front of the building. An elevator and common entry space will be constructed upon the successful conclusion of this fund drive. It is crucial that we all do the outreach we can to help bring this fund drive in at our goal as it means making the Center offices and meeting rooms accessible to all community members.

Tax-deductible donations can be sent to Syracuse Center for Peace and Social Justice, 2013 E. Genesee St., Syracuse, NY 13210.

Karen Hall