Earth Day Presidential Stump Speeches

Editor's Note: the following two speeches were delivered at the community Earth Day celebration at Thornden Park, Saturday, April 19. This has been an annual part of local Earth Day activities for the past few years in an attempt to encourage young people to think about what kinds of policies and practices they'd like to see our government implementing.

If I was elected president, I would outlaw any nuclear, coal or gas burning things. Everybody would have to use solar, wind or water power. Everybody would have to walk, bike or use animal or electric transportation.

I would make a law that every house has to plant at least one native species tree. Every small park has to plant 100 native trees. And every big park has to plant 1,000 native trees.

Most of the food we eat is not grown locally, not environmentally sane and not organic. Every town and city should have their own farms. People would help out on the farms and in trade get food for themselves and their families. This way we will not be shipping food all around the world.

If I was president, I would bring the troops back from Iraq. The government is fighting this war for oil. Oil is not worth killing for. Nothing's worth killing for. The planes, the bombs, the ships are destroying the environment. I would end the war on the first day I became president.

The earth is getting so polluted. The earth is heating up. Nobody knows what will happen the next hour, the next day, the next year. We must stop putting so much CO2 into the air.
-Noah Avi Dessauer, age 8


If I was the president of the United States, I would want to help the environment. I believe that global warming is possible and will affect the generations to come.

One thing I would do to help the environment is I would require all cars to get more than 40 mpg. Any person who would violate the law would be required to purchase a car fitting those requirements within thirty days of their notification. Anyone who had not purchased a car after thirty days would be fined $50.

Another thing I would do to help the environment is to require every person to watch the movie, An Inconvenient Truth. This movie, made by Al Gore, shows the causes of global warming. When watching this movie, many scenes show the effect of what people are doing to the environment.

I would also completely outlaw incandescent light bulbs. Although fluorescent light bulbs are more expensive than incandescent, they last almost twenty years. Fluorescent light bulbs also have no difference in lighting conditions than incandescent.

For schools, I would require recycling bins in every classroom. I would require teachers to use Power Point presentations rather than printing notes for students. All rooms would have pocket pencil sharpeners in every room and would not distribute organizers at the start of each marking period.

I believe that without environmental help, our world cannot achieve peace and hope for the next generation.
-Reena Tretler, age 13