SPC Has New Home After 36 Years at 924 Burnet Ave.

On Saturday, April 12SPC (mostly) moved to the Center for Peace and Social Justice at 2013 E. Genesee St.
A group of 10 SU students assisted with the move allowing us to set up “box brigades” to quickly move things out of 924 and then into the Center. Photos: Carol Baum, Chuck Lochner and Eli Mager
This was truly a community effort - thanks to everyone who gave us boxes, helped pack, provided food, loaned vehicles, carried boxes, unpacked and organized, cleaned and gave encouragement. Also great thanks to the people who transformed what had been a dingy second floor into a lovely space for SPC's new home.
Paul Frazier and Michelle Feak work with two SU students to unload.
SPC completely moved our operations (basically the first floor of the Burnet Ave. office); what still needs to be moved is everything in the attic, the very large, heavy paper cutter in the basement, and a few assorted other things.

Please come visit us in our new digs! SPC's front door is open during office hours; the back door is locked and but has instructions for how to get in using a call button.

Staffperson Jessica Maxwell (left) and Steering Committee member Herm Beiling (right) were among those who assisted with lugging the heavy items. Barb Kobritz of SPC’s finance committee helps set up SPC’s display materials in our new office.