What Global Warming Means to Me
Hamish Gibbs

Global Warming is caused by our CO2 emissions weakening the atmosphere so that more sunlight can get through the ozone and more heat is trapped. Almost everything we do creates CO2. We drive our cars and we have most of our electricity from fossil fuel burning plants. Lots of energy consuming people in this country live in the suburbs where it takes a lot of gasoline to drive to your job or to whatever you have to do. If anything the shortage of fossil fuels will help by bringing people closer together. If there is less transportation then to see the family you would have to pay more and more and more until it wouldn't be possible with fossil fuel, so families would have to move closer together and wouldn't spread all over the place. I know a lot of people who would go on about the problem being the adults, but look what I am typing on. We are all part of the problem. But like they say in the movie Evan Almighty it only takes one random act of kindness at a time to change the world. It only takes one energy saving act at a time to stop global warming.


Hamish is in 6th grade at Manlius Pebble Hill School. His dad bikes to work every day.


Conserve The Environment
Zach Smith

There are many factors contributing to the downfall of the environment on our planet. The Earth has been around for billions of years. The environment on Earth wasn't always green and suitable for humans. The Earth has gone through many time periods where life has sustained itself in large numbers but these numbers don't always last. The Earth can continue being a planet without our green environment. The many extinctions in the past have shown this. It is the life and environment on Earth that suffer from global devastation such as: ice ages, meteor strikes, global cooling, and Global Warming.

Global Warming is what we as humans face now, and everyone can do their part in fixing it. Humans release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as we use cars, energy, and many other resources. This is polluting our atmosphere and is causing heat from the sun to stay in the Earth's atmosphere.

There are still some misconceptions about global warming. Fellow students of mine often ask, "How is there global warming if it is so cold now in what is supposed to be a warmer part of the year?" Global climate and weather patterns are completely different. The climate of the entire Earth has risen in temperature over the last 20 years further than it has ever risen in the history of humankind. The climate is overall temperature averages and can control the entire Earth. Eventually the Earth would become too warm and insufficient for humans to live on and many other living things.

Everyone should care about this issue. The future of humans and many other life forms depend on us, and what happens now. Everyone can contribute to helping our environment. Here are many small tasks that can be done: turn off lights, computers and televisions when they are not being used, use public transportation or carpool, use energy efficient appliances, and use less paper and paper-made products. If everyone contributes, the future of humans can be sustained.


Zach is 17.