Dobson in the “Hall of Shame!”

To the Editor:
The National Radio Hall of Fame has committed a “felony” by nominating Dr. James Dobson into their hallowed halls. An ignorant, gullible public voted for him over honest deserving candidates.

A portion of the public hear his “gospel of hate” and continue to “worship” Dobson as a Christian leader, to the tune of $138 million dollars in profits last year! In truth, Dobson has no theological training and lives in stark contrast to Christ’s teachings. 

Dobson, founder of Focus on the Family, is a notorious fear/hate-monger of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people. He has been trapped in serial lies pertaining to these minorities, especially distorting research claiming them to be unsuitable parents. He rants with no concrete evidence, that being gay is “preventable, a sinful choice, and is curable,” causing untold emotional heartache and worse. Their intentional falsehoods are aired on more than 3,000 North American stations and in 27 languages in 160 countries worldwide!

Scientists and researchers are discovering how Dobson alters and/or misquotes their data to align with his divisive, radical, and profitable anti-LGBT industry. Scientists are lining up demanding public apologies/reparations for his irresponsible misrepresentation of their work:

Inductees are to have “helped guide America” and have “brought us closer together as a nation.”  

Contact the National Radio Hall of Fame to share your horror over this travesty of justice: A protest is planned to coincide with the November 8 induction at the Chicago-based Museum of Broadcast Communications. Visit to learn more.

–Jeffrey K. Sterling
  Utica, NY


To the Editor:
Enclosed is a donation in loving memory of Sister Anita Von Wellsheim.  Anita, who died at age 89, was a long-time advocate for peace. She was a mentor to me when we were in Haiti as human rights observers. Anita was a model of courage, tenacity and nonviolence.

Also Sister Anita was a great storyteller. She had my rapt attention when she told me about being on the boat captured by the Contras (so long ago), and she had me in gales of laughter as she told me about her “near-death” experience riding horseback down a mountain in Guatemala.

We will miss Sister Anita.

–Cynthia Banas
  Vernon, NY