Your 2: Accountability for Bush/Cheney
Compiled by Donna Mühs-McCarten

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Listen to All
Somehow every parent, every wounded soldier, every child and family member suffering from the impact of this war, every military suicide, every family member incarcerated, every unemployed, uninsured soldier who came home to inadequate care  should also be listened to.
    –Pamela Dahlin-Probst

Hang ’Em High
I think we should give all of the Bush administration fair and unbiased trials, followed by first class hangings. We could raffle off the right to trip the trap doors of the gallows.
    –Dave Bantor

World Court Anyone?
Cheney should be embargoed by the media. Bush and Cheney ought to be tried for Crimes against Humanity, NOT in the US but in the World Court. They should do time for their crimes.
    –Joan Conley 

Who profited?
 I believe that ALL members of government during the Bush/Cheney administration must be held accountable including Congress and the Senate.  Have the ACLU and the IRS investigate all their members’ bank accounts, taxes and contacts. Their e-mails and phone calls need to be made public under the Freedom of Information Act and FISA. What corporations are involved and what role did Wall Street actually play? ALL of them need to be vetted and either impeached or kept on, depending on the roles they've played and the profits they've made.
     –Michelle Ruggio

Not Vengeance
For there to be justice there must be compensation for the myriad victims, individual and collective, of the Cheney/Bush criminal era. Reparation funding should derive from the perpetrators’ private fortunes and from the bloated Pentagon budget. Since the Cheney/Bush crimes were international, they, their corporate and their neo-con collaborators should be tried by an international tribunal (recall Nuremburg). Not vengeance, but accountability and deterrence, should be the Tribunal's goal. Concurrently, there must be a comprehensive, internationally-supervised Truth Commission. Not retaliation, but truth and consciousness-raising, should be the Commission's goal.
     –Ed Kinane

Gitmo for Its Creators
I think that most of the Bush administration should be apprehended, blindfolded and flown to Gitmo, not charged but held pending charges. It would fit beautifully with the Obama administration’s reluctance to charge anyone and with Dick Cheney's assertion that Gitmo should not be closed.
    –Rose Viviano

Punishment as a Palestinian
Let’s chain them in a school or hospital in Gaza, to eat the local food and drink the water. How about being a Palestinian in Israel? Or have them shaved and naked in Iraq or Afghanistan, and maybe even waterboarded too.

Advanced Interrogation Techniques
I agree that Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rove & Co. ought to be fully investigated in Congressional hearings. Do you suppose we could use advanced interrogation techniques?
    –Richmond Parker 

Watch the innocents
Lock them in a cell for the rest of their lives, where they would be forced to watch films of innocent children clawing their way out of bombed out structures.
    –Herm Bieling

Roving For Rove 
The only thing I can see to do is to encourage the House Judiciary Committee to continue their pursuit of Karl Rove. Cheney admitted that the approval for waterboarding went right to the top. Dan Maffei might also be a good person to start with. I know that he votes on the side of peace, and that he would support at least holding people accountable.                    
    –Scott Kushner

Rendition Prisons
Make a citizen's arrest and lock these people up in Guantanamo or in some of the rendition prisons as in Jordan, Syria or Poland for seven years without charging them. Then try them in an international court of justice based on an investigation done by the people's tribunal. Set a precedent for the future that if our leaders committed war crimes they would face the same charges the German and Japanese leaders did. No selective war crime trials.
     –Cynthia Banas

Join the Uninsured and Unemployed
There needs to be an investigation by Congressional committee. Bush and whoever else is guilty of wrongdoing should be stripped of their salaries and health benefits that they will otherwise get and the money be given to create jobs.
    –Linda Griggsunder

Mandatory Study Group
Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz et al would be required to participate in a study group facilitated by e.g. Chomsky. Syllabus to include Vonnegut, Gandhi, Langston Hughes, Nikki Giovanni, et al.
     –Rae Kramer

In my opinion, the best course of action is to expose their acts to the light of day, and educate the nation in the ways of peace to ensure that these acts are not repeated.
    –Jim Spencer

Donna is a community activist and serves on the PNL editorial committee.