Thank you to the Onondaga Nation

for your incredibly generous financial contribution to the Syracuse Peace Council. We deeply appreciate this message of friendship and support.

The Onondaga Nation and the Syracuse Peace Council have worked together for many years as partners in the effort to make the world just for all people. As we have gotten to know you through the decades, there is a great deal more than money that we thank you for.

You have taught us what the Two-Row wampum means. As separate nations we must each stay on our own path and tend to our own issues, while accepting each other in friendship and with respect.
Our exposure to your way of life, the value you place on your history and the ways which have been passed down over the generations, have helped us to understand the importance of taking responsibility for the actions of our own people and government.

Listening to the informal spiritual teachings generously shared by the Onondaga people has deepened our own understanding of the true connection of all beings and all aspects of nature, based on inter-relationships, rather than domination.

The practice of gratitude which you have shown us has strengthened our capacity to hold steadier in the face of terrifying and overwhelming events in the world.

The humor you value so highly has helped us find lighter places in relationship to what is difficult.

Your generosity, belief in community and genuinely democratic values have reminded us of the inherently good capacities of people and provided us with hope.

We have seen you step forward with love, deep self respect, generosity and incredible commitment to offer all that is in your power to the cause of healing this earth. When the Land Rights Action was filed we were honored to witness a most extraordinary and brilliant nonviolent direct action, as you addressed corporate polluters and demanded that they take responsibility for their actions. We cannot even begin to put into words what we have learned from that example.

Our appreciation is deep and heartfelt. We are privileged to live in this place which has brought us into connection with you.