The “white lady” is a traditional symbol of mourning used in the Hiroshima procession. Photo: Kristin Mosher

This dramatic procession downtown, planned by a committee formed by members of Syracuse Peace Council, Peace Action and Pax Christi, will take place on August 6. The demonstration commemorates the bombings of those cities 64 years ago and demands the abolition of nuclear power and weapons. Petitions to President Obama for the abolition of nuclear weapons will circulate at the procession. To participate in this event, meet at City Hall (215 E. Washington St.) at 11:30 am on Thursday, August 6, and please wear white or light colored clothing. For more information, contact Carol at 472-5478.

Interfaith Works is organizing an interfaith service with a lantern floating ceremony to commemorate the bombings. The service, at 7:30 pm on Wednesday, August 5, will be at the Everson Plaza.

Members of the committee are also plan- ning to get city youth involved. A group will be running a program that includes sharing the story of Sadako and teaching origami crane-folding at venues such as the Westcott Community Center, the Northeast Community Center, the Thornden Park Discovery Camp, and Bellevue Elementary and Ed Smith summer schools. Children will be asked to decorate lantern shades for the service on August 5, and paper cranes made by the children will be distributed at the procession on August 6.

For more information, contact Sara or Staci at or 472-5478.

–Staci Schweitzer