Art for Peace: Syracuse Students Speak Out


Peace is Peace

By Mecca Little
(2nd Place, Corcoran High School)

Come to my world
Happiness and fashion
Diamonds and pearls
Full of color
Miracle territory
Wonderland, that means
But it's so much more.
Light blue skies
No more sighs
When you come to my world
Evertything's perfect
Because it comes from my eyes.

Love is love
And Peace is peace.

How do we work for a world without war when there's violence in our streets and the military in our schools? Young people need to see alternatives to violence. The peace community needs to be right there with youth, helping them learn to live the lives they want to live in a peaceful way. SPC is going to city high schools and talking to students about the military. We are facilitating discussions among youth about social movements and asking the question, "How does change really happen?" This spring we organized the first Art for Peace Contest (see winning poetry and poster submissions on this page). And those are just the highlights! Read more at or contact Jessica to get involved: 472-5478.
- Amelia Ramsey-Lefevre



By Wiledja Hines
(1st Place, Corcoran High School)

What does this word really mean?
Does it mean fight and kill each other, because that's all we ever do.
Or does it mean all different sizes, shapes, and colors getting along?
Why can't this be?
We fight, we argue, we kill each other.
Why is this going on in this world we call our society?
We should be helping each other,
We are all brothers and sisters.
Why can't we all get along?
The gangs we are in.
Why are we killing each other?
A little word, or phrase, or simply the color you are wearing.
All this hatred we have in this world is irrelevant.
Imagine living in a world of peace.
How would everything be?
Imagine getting along with someone that was once an enemy and now you
Telling your boys "He a friend of me."

We all hate people that we don't even know,
Never seen them before.
Did you even know their name?
All this is crazy.
Once we fight,
Once we kill,
What does this solve?
Does it make anything better?
Why can't we all just get along?
Let's make peace.