10 Solidarity Points

stencil by Banksy on apartheid wall
 stencil on apartheid wall

The Justice for Palestine Committee emerged within the Syracuse Peace Council in the wake of Israel’s 2008 invasion of Gaza. To achieve justice, freedom and dignity for all Palestinians and Israelis, regardless of religion and ethnicity, we work toward the following 10 objectives:

~ promoting Palestinian self-determination

~ ending the siege of Gaza

~ ending the occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem

~ ending U.S. military aid to Israel, to Palestine and to the region

~ implementing with justice the Palestinian right of return

~ dismantling Israeli apartheid (the legal and cultural structures of discrimination and racist separation)

~ liberating Israeli-held political detainees

~ providing reparations to Palestinians for destroyed lives and infrastructure (including olive groves, demolished homes and depleted resources)

~ restoring Palestinian water rights

~ in the context of a nuclear-free Middle East , abolishing weaponized drones and nuclear weapons.



We believe that to understand the complexities of the Israel/Palestine issue, one must view Israel, like the U.S. itself, as a colonial settler state.  


Approved March 2016.