Stop the TPP

The Syracuse Peace Council is mobilizing with our social movement allies to stop Fast Track and to Stop the TPP. A vote in both houses of Congress is expected soon (as of 4-29). To defeat Fast Track and the TPP we need our representatives to vote no on granting Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) to the President. Look to the right to the links to learn more. Here are things you can do:

Call Congress: Elites pushing Fast Track struggled just to introduce a bill in Congress because of widespread public opposition to disastrous economic policies. Our calls can defeat this legislation. Call your representatives and tell them you oppose Fast Track and the TPP and that you want them to vote no on Trade Promotion Authority (Fast Track). Tell them Fast Track is a betrayal of democracy and feel that the TPP would be disastrous for workers, the environment, human rights and internet freedoms. We need to pressure our representatives in the House and Senate as well as powerful party leaders who haven't publicly stated how they will vote.

Call Representative Katko's office (202) 225-3701

Call Senator Schumer's office (202) 224-6542

Call Senator Gillibrand's office (202) 224-4451

Call House Minority Leader Pelosi's office (202) 225-4965


Join our CNY TPP Rapid Response Team: