Trump Must Go - A message on the election from the SPC Steering Committee

  The presidential election is fast coming upon us. While SPC rarely ever endorses a candidate, the Steering Committee believes that this election is important enough to say unequivocally that we must get rid of Donald Trump. 

We have no illusions about Joe Biden who represents the kind of neoliberal politics that has long helmed the Democratic Party. From day 1, we expect to be in the streets challenging his administration. But Trump does not represent a typical Republican candidate. His election has been the trojan horse for a far right white nationalist and fascist insurgency which threatens all of our institutions and movements. His autocratic approach to governing calls into question whether he will even concede the election were he to lose. His expansion of the War on Terror (Iran, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, etc...) and willingness to use the nuclear arsenal, his recent use of the Department of Justice to designate so-called "anarchist cities", a naked ploy to use the tools of state violence to go after anti racist protesters and radicals of all kinds, his doubling down on fossil fuels and refusal to take climate change seriously and his vicious attacks on immigrants, Muslims and asylum seekers amongst many other things make him an existential threat not just to the country but to the planet. This doesn't even take into account his disastrous response to the pandemic. 

We cannot afford four more years of this. A longer statement from the Steering Committee will follow to outline more fully the reasons why we reached this conclusion. But from now to November 2nd, SPC commits itself to putting energy into ousting Trump so that our many movements for social justice may have a chance to fight beyond the election. We hope you will join us in that commitment.

-- SPC Steering Committee member Aly Wane


Dear SPC Allies and Friends,

I can’t really put the importance of committing ourselves to electoral work any more elegantly or clearly than in the statement on behalf of the SPC Steering Committee above.  But I will add something about my own thoughts and experiences, in the hope that it will help each of us to step forward to take action in this life or death moment for any semblance of democracy.

 Capitalism is capitalism.  Many of us have called mainstream candidates  generically “Republicrats.”  However, as activists it is always our responsibility to keep open to a fresh analysis of the moment, and based on that best thinking, to choose our strategic goals and our tactics to reach those goals. SPC’s Statement of Purpose says, “... A fundamental basis for peace and justice is an economic system that places human need above monetary profit...”  So let’s call that our strategic goal.  

And what then is the best  tactic towards that goal?  A landslide win for Joe Biden.  My personal motto is “You don’t have to like him to vote for him.”  You either watched the debacle of the so-called presidential debate, or have heard and read about it.  Trump is not a Republicrat.  He is aiming to solidify his position as an authoritarian fascist, who will continue down the road of dismantling structures which are in the interest of the people, deepening the divide and damage of racism and aligning himself with a far right armed and violent militia in order to achieve his goal of derailing this election and installing himself as dictator.  Perhaps most consequentially in the big picture, his environmental policies are so dangerous and devastating, that if they continue for another 4 years, the demise of the planet is likely a done deal.  

So, I have a Biden/Harris sign on my lawn.  And I am making calls in support of their campaign.  It is not a lie.  It is a tactic.  I grew up in a Jewish family, after the genocide of the Nazi holocaust.  The phrase that I heard throughout my life that haunts me most now, is “How could the world have stood by and let this happen?”  Clearly, it is not only the US that is in trouble, and we can apply that question to so many places around the world at this time.  But the US is the belly of the beast, and Trump is the force feeding the beast at this moment.  He has to be stopped before we are able to do all the rest that needs to be done.  Please. Do whatever you can to get out the vote for Biden, and for a democratic house and senate.  Please. Do it now.  The sections below offer all the information you need to find something that’s a good match for you! 

-e-newsletter team member, Carole Resnick