Meaningful Actions You Can Take

Everyone has gifts that they bring to the discussion of any issue. Please use your talents
to help create understanding and reason at this crucial time. We are asking that you show
your support of our neighbors, the Onondagas, by:

· Get Involved with NOON, check out our volunteer form (pdf)

· Write a letter to the editor of the Post-Standard, Syracuse New Times or other publication

· Educate yourself and others Background materials

· Sign NOON’s Solidarity Statement

· Attend (and bring a friend) to the next: NOON Open Meeting
Tuesday, May 10, at the Westcott Day Hab Center, 522 Westcott St., (next door to Seven Rays Bookstore, but parking is easier in the back off Beech St.) 7-8:30 pm

· Arrange for NOON to make a presentation to your faith community/school/community organization or organize a house party

· Speak up in every day conversation that the issue is acknowledgement of land rights and justice

· Clarify that the people of the Onondaga Nation have stated that they will not evict anyone

· Remind others that no one has ever been evicted because of a land claim

· Listen to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and then express your support, knowledge and experience to correct misconceptions, increase understanding and dispel fears

· Challenge racist statements by saying, “That is not my experience or understanding”

· Emphasize the focus of redress by the Onondagas on the environment which we all share

· Attend the Peace Council's 69th Birthday Dinner: Honoring Our Connection with the Onondaga Nation

· Attend a craft fair or other cultural event at the Nation which is open to the public

· Attend the Syracuse Community Choir concert at the Nation school on Sunday, June 19, 5 pm food and connecting, 6 pm concert

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