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Onondaga Land Rights: The Struggle for Justice Continues

On March 11, 2005 the Onondaga Nation filed an historic Land Rights Action in federal court in Syracuse. Their action was unique in focussing on the rights of the land as well as their call for justice for New York State's illegal taking of their land. For further information about the land rights action, see the Onondaga Nation website at Also available: Onondaga Nation Announces Land Rights Action (March 10, 2005).

On September 22, 2010 federal court Judge Kahn dismissed the Onondaga Land Rights Action, following the higher court precedents which made any other decision difficult. Read Judge Kahn's decision here (pdf file, 16 pp.).

NOON responded with a vigil the following evening (video) to express our sadness and dismay at this travesty of justice. We began discussions about how to continue the work of getting our nation to live up to the terms of the treaties we have signed with the Onondaga and other Haudenosaunee Nations. We are working with the Onondaga leadership to the develop The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign to take this case to the people of New York States. In the meantime, the Onondaga filed an appeal of their case in late February. Check out their news conference in Washington, DC.

In 2006 and again in 2010, NOON coordinated "Onondaga Land Rights and Our Common Future," a collaborative educational series to offer the community background information to understand the land rights action and related issues. Both series are well documented, with video, transcripts and reports available online. Check it out.

Specific Goals of the Onondaga Land Rights Action
A detailed, four-page information flier (PDF) about the Onondaga Land Rights Action is available for download.

NOON Supports the Onondaga Land Rights Action
As residents of New York State we support the land rights action filed by the Onondaga Nation against the State of New York on March 11, 2005.

Sign our solidarity statement
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