Handsome Lake

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Handsome Lake
Ga-Nyah-Di-Yoh Author of present Indian religion born at Ca-Noh-Wa-Gus Genesee Co., N.Y. 1735 Died Aug. 10, 1815 at Onondaga Reservation

Problematic issues

Refers to Onondaga Nation as a Reservation
Listed in books and web sites with NYS historic markers.


Onondaga Nation



Indigenous Place Names for Site


Circumstances of Marker Placement

Possibly erected sometime between 1901-1912 (1).

Additional Information

The Onondaga are protective of their culture and
religion. They are circumspect about sharing information
on Handsome Lake.


Onondaga people
(1) Handbook of North American Indians, Volume 2 by
William C. Sturtevant

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Sue Eiholzer, 2012