Log Cabin Site

This marker is not located at the intersection of NY 31 & 370 as listed in books. It may have been moved due to road construction or knocked down by a snow plow. Sometimes, in that case, markers are rescued by the local historical society and stored at their site.

Current Sign Text

Log Cabin Site
Jonas C. Baldwin, Founder of Baldwinsville, built the first log cabin on the north side of the river near this spot in 1807.

Problematic issues

While this marker is accurate, white settlers right to occupy and settle land was based on several problematic principles and events - the Doctrine of Discovery (1), the destructive Clinton Sullivan Campaign (2), illegal treaties signed by New York State (3) and the establishment of Military Tracts.





Indigenous Place Names for Site


Circumstances of Marker Placement

"The State Historic marker Program began in 1926 as a program of the State Education Department to commemorate the Sesquicentennial of the American Revolution. Over 2,800 of the small, cast iron site markers. . . " were erected statewide during the duration of this program (1926-1939).

Additional Information

"Surveyor's notation: N.E. corner/Township No. 1/ Virtuous & Victorious/Military/1789" (4.) "Lot 85 interested the couple, and on March 3, 1797 , Dr. Baldwin purchased the whole lot of 197.2 acres for the sum of 200 British pounds or $888, from the third owner, Jeremiah Williams of Rhode Island. This proved to be the foundation of the Village of Baldwinsville in 1807 when he returned to develop the waterpower rights he had obtained from the State." (4)


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3. Legal cases related to Indigenous land are based on NY making treaties after the US Trade and Intercourse Act stipulated that only the federal government had this right. While some federal cases recognized this illegality, those decisions were overturned due primarily to a concern regarding restitution. While the Onondaga were not asking for land or monetary compensation but being heard about their environmental concerns, their case was dismissed without their having a hearing in court.
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Researched by Sue Eiholzer, 2011