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Nedrow c. 1798
Known as Onondaga Castle until 1897.
Renamed Rockwell Springs for the
Sulphur Spring & Picnic Area.
Nedrow P.O. est'd 1917.
Town of Onondaga. 1997.

Problematic issues

This is an interesting marker in that it focuses on a number of things and gives no details on any one. It appears to have been named "Nedrow" in 1798 but was "Known as Onondaga Castle until 1897". Did the Onondaga living very near here affect how people thought of the area?


Nedrow, corner next to Fire Department (at Rockwell Rd)


Indigenous Place Names for Site

Onondaga Castle refers to the Onondaga Nation, Keepers of the Council Fire for the Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) Confederacy. Castle is sometimes seen as the capital of the Onondaga (FN1).

Circumstances of Marker Placement

Unable to find any information on this.

Additional Information

"The Onondaga capital was burnt by a Continental Army force under Col. Goose van Shaick on April 21, 1779." (FN1) (See Marker Col Van Shaick.) A charming explanation of the name Nedrow is that it may be a reverse of the name Worden, a family that didn't want their town overtly named for them. (FN2)



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Researched by Sue Eiholzer, 2012