When Talking About this Issue
You will have many opportunities to discuss the Onondaga' Land Rights Action over the
next few weeks and months. It is helpful to have in mind (and even practice) the most
important points to you related to this issue. Below are some points that you may want to

Justice and Healing
· An historic injustice needs to be redressed and healed
· This "land rights action" is based on illegal treaties which took the land
· The people of Onondaga Nation have said that they will not evict anyone
· No one has ever been evicted by a land claim
· We can chose to move forward in a healing way
· While we are not responsible for actions of our ancestors, what do we need to do now?
· You want this to be a healing positive experience and peaceful resolution

· The Onondagas are concerned and making an effort to improve the environment
· There are no cultural boundaries when it comes to the environment
· You appreciate their respect and concern for our shared environment
· We are all trying to survive together
· Your concerns about the Onondaga Lake and Onondaga Creek cleanup
· DEC's failure to consult with the Onondagas as required under CERCLA
(Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation and Liability Act)
· Onondaga Lake and Creek as sacred sites to the Onondagas
· This claim is a way to educate, heal and address environmental issues
· We are responsible for the future of our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren

Respect for and honoring of the Onondaga Nation and people
· Onondagas are our neighbors
· Your respect for them and our shared history
· You appreciate their historic role in our history
· Following the Haudenosaunee tradition and give thanks for the environment that we
all share
· Recognizing the important position of the Onondagas in the Haudenosaunee
ConfederacyEveryone has gifts that they bring to the discussion of any issue. Please use your talents
to help create understanding and reason at this crucial time. We are asking that you show
your support of our neighbors, the Onondagas, by:
· Writing a letter to the editor of the Post-Standard, New Times or other publication
(See Guidelines for Writing a Letter to the Editor and a Fact Sheet for more information.)

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