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About NOON

Neighbors of the Onondaga Nation (NOON) is a grassroots effort of Central New Yorkers. We support the sovereignty of the Onondaga Nation's traditional government, their Land Rights Action and we collaborate with them on environmental protection and restoration. We join in the Onondaga Nation's call for justice, reconciliation and healing. We believe that we, and the wider community, have a great deal to learn from the Onondagas about living more peacefully with one another and more harmoniously with the Earth. NOON is a project of the Syracuse Peace Council.

The goals of NOON are to:

  • Promote understanding of, and respect for, the Onondaga people, history, and culture within the Central New York community.
  • Provide accurate information about the Onondaga Nation's current issues of concern, such as their Land Rights Action.
  • Challenge racism towards the Onondaga people through education, building relationships, and encouraging shared experiences between the people of our Nations.
  • Support, and collaborate with, the Onondaga Nation in their initiatives to promote environmental healing and restore respectful relationships between the governments of our Nations.
  • Advocate for just and fair treatment of the Onondaga people at all levels of our own government.

What You Can Do

Everyone has gifts that they bring to the discussion of any issue. Please use your talents to help create understanding and reason at this crucial time. We are asking that you show your support of our neighbors, the Onondagas:

  • Sign NOON's solidarity statement
  • Educate yourself and others with background materials
  • Write a letter to the editor of the Post-Standard, Syracuse New Times and other publications
  • Request a presentation by NOON at your faith community/school/community organization, or organize a house party
  • Attend a craft fair or public cultural event on the Onondaga Nation
  • Get involved with NOON; complete our Get Involved form (PDF) and sent it back to us
  • Speak up in every day conversation that the issue is acknowledgement of land rights and justice; listen to friends, family, coworkers, neighbors and then express your support, knowledge and experience to correct misconceptions, increase understanding and dispel fears
  • Clarify that the people of the Onondaga Nation have stated that they will not evict anyone remind others that no one has ever been evicted because of a land claim; emphasize he focus of redress by the Onondagas on the environment which we all share.

Show Your Support

Show your support for our neighbors with buttons (above, $1 suggested donation) and bumperstickers (below, $1.50 suggested donation), available at the Peace Council office at 2013 East Genesee St.


Article: Taxing Up the Wrong Tree - from the Peace Newsletter

Article: Working To Truly Clean Up Onondaga Lake - an update on the Lake's cleanup status and what you can do

NOON's Andy Mager was interviewed by "Indigenous Politics: From Native New England and Beyond," a Connecticut radio program. The topic was "Tribal and Non-Native Alliance Building." The interview can be downloaded here.

Check out videos from the historic educational series "Onondaga Land Rights and Our Common Future", coordinated by NOON in 2006.

Onondaga County Scraps ineffective "sewage treatment" in favor of green technology. This is a big victory for the Onondaga Nation, the Partnership for Onondaga Creek and all the people of the region.


Onondaga Land Rights Appeal Heard on October 12 in NYC
On Friday, October 12 (yes Columbus Day), the Onondaga Nation's appeal was heard by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals. Learn more.

Thanksgiving Circle of Peace and Hope
Join us on Thursday, November 22, 10 am at Willow Bay Picnic Area (north shore of Onondaga Lake) map
On Thanksgiving morning, Onondagas and Neighbors gather together each year on the shores of Onondaga Lake to express thanks for the goodness of the Earth and to each other for our ongoing friendship, working side-by-side in peace and hope for healing, justice, and environmental restoration. You are invited to join us. Contact Jack, 424-1454.

Fall Internships Available with Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign
Applications for internships are being accepted working on social media, fundraising, media public relations and more. See the full listing and link to application.

Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign
Trial trip down the Hudson prepares for this major statewide educational/advocacy to mark the 400th anniversary of the first treaty between the Haudenosaunee and Europeans in 2013 - The Two Row Wampum Renewal Campaign: Honoring Native Treaties and Protecting the Earth

First Step to Return Onondaga Lake Shore Land to the Onondaga Nation
NOON is delighted that the Onondaga County Legislature took the first step in what is likely to be a lengthy process by passing a resolution expressing their intent to return "Murphy's Island" to the Onondaga. We will continue to work with the Onondaga Shoreline Heritage Project to make this as a reality.

Onondaga Lake Community Education Program
The Onondaga Environmental Institute, working with the Onondaga Nation, has created a presentation to be shared with community groups entitled Re-Imagining the Vision for Onondaga Lake. Fact sheets on History and Fisheries accompany this program. View the presentation here. Volunteers from NOON will assist in program presentation. Offer to get involved here.

Onondaga Land Rights Series
This year long series was a great success. Look for updates about new plans and see the Full series reports, etc.

Oren Lyons profiled in CNY Magazine
A lengthy profile of Onondaga Nation faithkeeper Oren Lyons is printed in the January issue of Central New York Magazine. It features beautiful photos from throughout Oren's inspiring life. Check it out here (pdf file, 24 pp.)

Historical Marker Project

Read background on some of the historical markers concerning the Onondaga people in the Central New York area on our Markers Project page.

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